This is the fan work section of my Yu Yu Hakusho fanpage. Included below are the talented work done by many fans over the years depicting the series and it's characters :D

Especially in the fanart section, if you enjoy the artists' work, please consider supporting them through commissions, merch sales, etc.

I try to credit everything to the best of my ability! Lots of fan works for Yu Yu Hakusho now are over 20 years old ^__^;

Please remember that each artist has different rules with the use of their work, and many don't like or allow reposts. Please use discretion!

Oh yeah, one more thing... By the very nature of fanworks, many are NSFW and 18+ in nature. Yu Yu Hakusho isn't immune to this treatment, and so I must advise that anyone under the age of 18 or age of majority in your region visit any of the sites below. Thank you for your understanding *bows*


My favorite Yu Yu Hakusho fanartist is milkbreadtoast on twitter/tumblr! They have been drawing the absolute cutest fanart for years now with a dynamic and bright art style that really brings warmth to my heart >w< Probably most well known for their Kurama/Hiei artwork, but they draw wonderful artwork of Yukina, Mukuro, and others too!

In terms of Japanese artists, Toujou Sakana is another artist I really adore, think time on pixiv. I was crazy surprised to learn they draw Yu Yu Hakusho, I thought they mainly drew Jojo fanart Σ(°ロ°) They draw Hiei in a cute, expressive style and a smug Kurama to go along with it, hehe!

Kumao who also uses pixiv and is also known as vivakouhuku on twitter, is another sugary sweet Japanese fanartist who draws Kurama and Hiei from time to time in a perfectly round, pastel art style that I adore. Who doesn't love Kurama with fluffy ears and a big puffball tail (~人^) I think they draw fanart for Enstars as well?




One of the most tasteful and prolific authors I can recommend is unlockthelore on AO3. They primarily focus on Hiei alongside Kurama and Yukina, but I feel like each and every character they include is purposeful and written with a lot of love. The fanfics are often spiced with little fun quips and witty bits, making them a joy to peruse on their own or in the little collections this author has made.