Welcome to 狐の森, otherwise known as rosewhip on neocities. This is both a fanpage dedicated to the Yu Yu Hakusho series, as well as the fanpages and community that surrounded this series in the late 1990s and early 2000s on platforms like Geocities, Tripod, etc.

This site serves two purposes; to provide information about the series itself as your one-stop-shop with more fun facts than a wiki could provide, and to restore a glimpse of a Y2K-era anime web community with my own personally provided resources presented in that retro format and archived sites to visit and explore. So basically, a modern-day '99 fanpage ヽ(o^ ^o)ノ

Yu Yu Hakusho was released at a really vital time period, when then-budding anime fans in their teens and early adult years could easily create HTML webpages at little to no cost. And it wasn't just in America; The Philippines had a huge amount of fans of the then-called 'Ghost Fighters' dub create sites, A number of Chinese-language pages (particularly from Hong Kong) sprung up, and the popularity of the Latin-American dubs meant a big community from Brazil and other places was formed. Quite the international success!

For me, Yu Yu Hakusho's countless retro fanpages are the pinnacle of what personal websites of that time were all about, and it makes for a really interesting case study (more on that later, I promise it won't be TOO boring Σ(O_O)

Oh, I'm Fox, by the way. I'm the webmaster of this site and also cadnomori. I planned to host this on my main website, but figured it would make more sense for this research project to be hosted on it's own (´• ω •`)ノ

So, yeah! Hope you stick around, this is supposed to be a fun and casual site, and hopefully the fusion of the new and the old into something special! Or maybe it just looks like another bishounen gallery... ( 〃▽〃) Ehehe.

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